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Overview of Partnership Directory
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The overview of your partnership directory is meant to familiarize you with the layout and features available from your partnership directory. Please see the other help desk guides linked throughout the article for more detail on various functions.
Partnerships Requests
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The Partner Directory is where you can see all your organization's affiliations. You can also request additional partnerships, see pending partnerships, and see and manage any partnership documents. In order to request a rotation, the Site will need to be listed in the Active Partnerships tab. 
Partnerships: Approve & Deny Requests
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As a coordinator, Partnerships are where you can see all of the affiliations for your School or Clinical Site.  You can request additional affiliations, see pending affiliations, see outgoing affiliations, and view and manage any documents associated with your affiliations.
Partnerships: Contact Coordinators
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The Coordinator contact page allows you to see and contact the coordinator at a partner or potential partner site. Found within the Partnership Directory, you can now see the contact information of the
Search for Entities in ACEMAPP
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This article will show you how to search entities currently using ACEMAPP.