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Announcements are located on the bottom-left side of your dashboard. They are created by either your school and/or the clinical site at which you will be attending your rotation(s) and contain important information, so be sure to check here often.
Bulk Upload Faculty
The Bulk Upload feature is a quick and efficient way to create multiple faculty accounts at once. 
Case Log Management (Faculty)
The Case Log feature allows for students to enter their clinical experiences and track their patient encounters.
Certification of Completion for Assessments
Did you successfully pass your ACEMAPP courses and assessments? Now, you can print or download a Certificate of Completion.
Corporate Screening (Verify Students) & Medicat (ImmuniTrax)
ACEMAPP interfaces with Immunitrax to simplify the compliance process for you. Immunitrax (by Medicat) is used for clinical requirement verification. Important Note: Immunitrax interface is activated via
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