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Assigning Faculty to Rosters
Assigning faculty to rosters is an important step toward creating rotations and allowing access to required documents and assessments for faculty members.
Attach an Evaluation for Specific Rotation
To have an evaluation distributed with a specific rotation, attach an evaluation to that rotation.  ACEMAPP provides multiple customization options; please contact ACEMAPP to get an Evaluation to meet your specific needs.
Bulk (Broadcast) Messaging
You have the ability to broadcast message your students and/or faculty directly from ACEMAPP.
Bulk Upload Faculty
The Bulk Upload feature is a quick and efficient way to create multiple faculty accounts at once. 
Create New or Invite Existing Faculty Accounts to a New School or Program
If faculty already has an ACEMAPP account, you may invite them to connect with your school and/or program. This will keep Faculty's information all on one account. 
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