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Adding or Removing Tags
Tags are useful for sorting users in ACEMAPP into groups when managing them. Once you create a tag, you may need to add or remove tags from users to help you better organize your users in ACEMAPP.
Advanced Course Setup - Configuration View
When using ACEMAPP's course type rotations, you can see what requirements are attached to that course, as well as assessments, shared fields, and all other Requirements attached to the course.
Advanced Scheduling
ACEMAPP enables you to communicate the exact dates for a rotation, even when they are irregular. When your rotation’s schedule has these irregularities, you can use the advanced scheduling tool to indicate
Announcement - Rotations
Rotation Announcements The Rotation Announcement system allows announcements to be released and sent to both clinical and school coordinators when a rotation matches specific, pre-defined criteria. 
Approved Rotations within 3 Weeks (Table)
View approved rotations easily from your homepage and see if your students are compliant for upcoming rotations.