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Faculty Document Manager
The Faculty Document Manager allows you to give access to a Faculty member in a rotation to approve or deny a requirement document associated with that rotation. NOTE: Only ACEMAPP can enable this Feature;
Hospital & School Profiles
Hospitals and schools can post profile information through ACEMAPP. Your profile can be viewed by students and faculty assigned to your hospital through a rotation, as well as by hospitals and schools
Login to ACEMAPP
How to Login to Your ACEMAPP Account
Manage Requirements with Documents
ACEMAPP allows members to upload, share and store documents. If a document is required by the school or clinical site, it will need to be approved. To approve or deny requirements with documents, follow the steps outlined in this article.
Manage Rotations
The Manage Rotation screen allows you to change/edit the general information of the rotation. Recommend when making a change to an already created rotation that you also comment to let the other entity
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