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Login to ACEMAPP
How to Login to Your ACEMAPP Account
Managing Students
Ability to manage your students by organizing them based on affiliation or rotation. The 'Students/Faculty by Affiliation' and 'Students/Faculty by Rotation' buttons allow you to select between the table views directly from your dashboard.
Students by Affiliation will organize your students alphabetically and show Pre compliance.
Students by rotation will organize your students by rotation status and indicate both Pre and Post compliance.
Pre-Assignment Rotations
The pre-assignment process allows students and faculty to be assigned to rotations as soon as they are registered in ACEMAPP. Pre-assignment is recommended when schools partner with clinical sites that have site-specific requirements. This ensures that students and faculty are compliant with both their school and clinical site before the roster is sent.
Request Partnerships
The Partner Directory is where you can see all your affiliations.  You can also request additional affiliations, see pending affiliations, and see and manage any documents associated between the two.

Note: In order to request a rotation, the Site will need to be listed in the Active Partnerships tab. 
Resetting Assessments
If a student does not pass an assessment in the number of tries allotted, you can reset that assessment for them to retake. 
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