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Bulk Uploading New Member
Bulk uploading members is a quick and efficient way to add new members for management within the ACEMAPP system. Use the Invitation system to invite existing members to a new organization or to change their program.
Case Log Report (Coordinator)
ACEMAPP Case Log reports gather and analyze case log information into a user friendly format. This section summarizes all relevant information and provides a number of graphs to help you view specific data points.
Certification of Completion for Assessments
Did you successfully pass your ACEMAPP courses and assessments? Now, you can print or download a Certificate of Completion.
Commenting On Rotations
Commenting on rotations is a great way to communicate with your school or clinical site partners. Each comment will trigger an automatic email notification to other coordinators. If you receive an email that a comment has been made, please note that you can not reply to the notification email to respond to the comment but you can click on a link to take you to the comment in ACEMAPP. Alternatively, please log into ACEMAPP and follow these instructions to comment on the rotation directly.
Community Benefit Report
This report allows you to enter a specific dollar amount to calculate community benefit. You can pull a report based on the active students, student slots hosted, or both during a specific time period.