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Complio (American Databank)
ACEMAPP interfaces with Complio to simplify the compliance process for you. Complio (by American Databank) is used for background checks, drug screening, and clinical requirement verification.
Enabling Google 2-Step Verification
For increased security, ACEMAPP allows you to enable Google 2-Step Verification. If you choose to follow this process, you will need to enter your ACEMAPP password and a unique code from your mobile phone
Forgot Password
When being invited to ACEMAPP, you will receive a welcome email from with a link allowing you to set your password. If you did not receive and email, or already are an ACEMAPP member, you can easily reset your password.
How can I get training?
Whether you'd like a general refresher on using ACEMAPP, or would like training on a particular feature, you may request a training webinar by contacting us by email at, by phone at 844-223-4292 or by submitting a support ticket within your account. 
Make a Strong Password
Just recently the U.S.government changed its password recommendations, from picking a phrase or word and replacing a couple of characters with a few symbols.  While this may be difficult for humans to
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