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ACEMAPP Clinical Rotation Matching and Placement Program
Presenting Interprofessional Education Scheduling

Presenting Interprofessional Education Scheduling

When ACEMAPP launched in 2008, the system only managed undergraduate nursing rotations. In fact, few people thought of a world with integrated interprofessional education.

Today, we have students from over 8 professions in ACEMAPP (and more than 8,000 student in total) and we wanted to make it easier for educators and clinicians to arrange some interprofessional experiences when these students are in the same clinical site unit at the same time.

Rather than have educators try to find these opportunities by hand, we built a tool that will highlight these opportunities for you.

How it works

Craig Donahue and I were fortunate to present this work at All Together Better Health, one of the premier global conferences on interprofessional education.

Here are the slides from our presentation.