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Expiring Indicators` 03/01/2019 School users now have the option to see an orange "expiring" indicator when students are 30 days or less from a requirement expiring. The indicator will appear in your student management tables. When you hover over the indicator, it will tell you which requirements are close to expiring. This way, school coordinators are able to monitor compliance throughout student/faculty experiences. If you would like your organization to begin using expiring indicators, please contact us.   
User Interface Updates` 01/30/2019 We've made changes to some of the colors and fonts on our website in order to create a cleaner and more simplified look.  Features and functions remain unchanged, allowing you to use ACEMAPP without interruption. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at or 844-223-4292. 
ACEMAPP Careers Now Accepting Employers for Combined Careers + Education Membership` 12/21/2018 Interested in adding ACEMAPP Careers to your School or Clinical Site membership? We’re pleased to share that ACEMAPP is now accepting forms of interest from schools and clinical sites interested in using ACEMAPP Careers in addition to their ACEMAPP Education membership.  ACEMAPP Careers will allow you to review candidates who have identified through their profile that they want to work in your region. Candidates include-self registered health care professionals as well as current and former ACEMAPP students who have opted in for job-matching services. Candidates are able to share their professional, personal and clinical experience through an online ePortfolio and you may communicate with them directly in ACEMAPP or using their shared contact information. Membership is affordable and enables you to: Receive automatic emails when a candidate matches to your opportunity Access your candidate database Utilize our Candidate Relationship Management system Run custom reports using extensive data To learn more, please fill out the interest form located at: We will contact you with additional details regarding membership opportunities and pricing.
Our logo has changed! Meet our new mark.` 11/01/2018 The ACEMAPP logo in your menu bar has been updated! ACEMAPP has been simplifying clinical education for 10 years, and in that time, we’ve gone from a clinical rotation scheduling tool to a one-stop-shop for the entire clinical education process. Our new logo is more reflective of our mission to create simple and effective health care solutions. It also allows us the ability to highlight our services. Currently, ACEMAPP offers ACEMAPP Education for clinical education and ACEMAPP Careers for health care career matching. You will notice a few minor color changes throughout your experience in ACEMAPP, but your basic features have not changed. Our change in logo is the first of several steps we’re taking to modernize and simplify your experience in ACEMAPP.  We hope you enjoy our new logo, and we look forward to hearing what you think!  
ACEMAPP to refresh branding upon 10 year anniversary¬† ¬†¬†` 10/12/2018 ACEMAPP to refresh branding upon 10 year anniversary        PRESS CONTACT: Ana Hornburg at 517-908-8229 or     For Immediate Release     October 12, 2018       Lansing, Mich. — ACEMAPP today announced plans to refresh its branding on November 1, 2018.  The change will occur as ACEMAPP celebrates 10 years of simplifying the clinical education process. Over the past decade, ACEMAPP has evolved from a simple clinical rotation scheduling software to comprehensive platform that streamlines the entire clinical education experience.  “Although a lot has changed since our launch 10 years ago, our dedication to improving health care capacity by streamlining clinical education remains the same,” said Stacy Gradowski, Director of ACEMAPP. “As we continue to grow and evolve to meet needs of students and professionals nationwide, we’re looking forward to our logo reflecting ACEMAPP’s simplicity, versatility, and expanding service lines.” ACEMAPP was developed in November of 2008 by the Michigan Health Council (MHC) in response to scarce clinical rotation resources. Over several months, MHC led a group of school and clinical site partners to create a common clinical rotation matching and scheduling process, standardize student on-boarding requirements, and develop a shared decision-making framework. “The change in logo is the first of several new and exciting changes planned over the next year,” said Gradowski. “We are looking forward to expanding what people think is possible within a single clinical education platform.” Along with the new logo, ACEMAPP members will notice some minor changes in the system that reflect the new brand color palette and typography. However, usability will not be impacted and there will be no downtime involved with the transition. ACEMAPP is a product of the Michigan Health Council, a Michigan-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to creating a culture of health with health professionals at the heart of the delivery system. Their mission is to build health professional capacity by offering innovative products and services across six focus areas. Learn more about the Michigan Health Council at    ###    
Recently launched ACEMAPP Careers to provide added job matching capabilities by end of year` 09/18/2018 Recently launched ACEMAPP Careers to provide added job matching capabilities by end of year  PRESS CONTACT: Ana Hornburg at 517-908-8229 or   For Immediate Release September 18, 2018   Lansing, Mich. — ACEMAPP and Medical Opportunities, both services of the Michigan Health Council, announced plans to merge earlier this summer. The merge, resulting in the joint name and service line “ACEMAPP Careers”, was a success. Today, they announced plans to expand upon the existing features available through a standard membership with ACEMAPP Careers.  “We’re pleased to offer both our new and existing members the opportunity to better recruit and report on quality candidates that would be a great fit for their organization,” said Stacy Gradowski, Director of ACEMAPP. “On top of the great features ACEMAPP Careers offers currently, we’re looking forward to rolling out added capabilities and expanded member types this fall.”  ACEMAPP Careers offers health care students and professionals the opportunity to match to their ideal job based on their specialty, schedule and location preferences. While the recruiting service primarily matches employers with Physicians, Physician Assistants, and Nurse Practitioners, the platform plans to add in additional professions – including RNs, LPNs, MAs, and CNAs by the end of 2018. “ACEMAPP Careers, formerly Medical Opportunities, has specialized in physician and advanced practice provider recruitment since it was founded, and we will continue to market to and serve those professionals,” said Lauren Wojcik, Training and Talent Acquisition Manager of the Michigan Health Council. “However, we feel it’s important to provide this service to our current ACEMAPP students as well, many of which are training to become other types of health professionals, such as nurses.” Since the launch of ACEMAPP Careers on August 28th, the ACEMAPP team has continued to monitor and test the system to screen for possible improvements. Additionally, the team plans to roll out new features – starting with the ability for current ACEMAPP students and faculty to opt-in to ACEMAPP Careers job matching by the end of the year. “We couldn’t be more pleased with how smoothly the launch of ACEMAPP Careers went from a technical perspective,” said Ajay Arumugam, Director of IT at the Michigan Health Council. “Our focus now is ensuring that all of our employers feel empowered to use the system for all of their recruitment and management needs.” Recruitment professionals who would like to learn more about ACEMAPP Careers are encouraged to schedule a training or an online demonstration of the system by contacting or 844-223-4292.   The Michigan Health Council is a Michigan-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to creating a culture of health with health professionals at the heart of the delivery system. Their mission is to build health professional capacity by offering innovative products and services across six focus areas. Learn more about the Michigan Health Council at   ###      
ACEMAPP and Medical Opportunities to merge, offering job matching and placement services` 06/20/2018 ACEMAPP and Medical Opportunities to merge, offering enhanced health care data and job placement services     PRESS CONTACT: Ana Hornburg at 517-908-8229 or  For Immediate Release June 20, 2018  Lansing, Mich. — ACEMAPP and Medical Opportunities, both services of the Michigan Health Council, today announced plans to merge. Together as ACEMAPP Careers, they will offer health care students and professionals the opportunity to match to their ideal job based on their clinical experience as well as their specialty, schedule and location preferences. “For 24 years, Medical Opportunities has been dedicated to supporting employers in their efforts to build their medical teams,” said Stacie Longwell Sadowski, Director of Medical Opportunities. “What we’ve realized is that as our employers undergo their own mergers and acquisitions, they are competing for health care professionals on a national level.” Currently, Medical Opportunities matches Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants and Physicians to jobs across a five state region. Upon launch, ACEMAPP Careers will allow employers to connect with candidates who want to work in their area from all 50 states. In addition, more job types will be added to include Medical Assistants, Certified Nursing Assistants, Licensed Practical Nurses, and Registered Nurses. “As ACEMAPP has continued to grow, we’ve made collecting and acting upon feedback a top priority,” said Stacy Gradowski, Director of ACEMAPP.  “Schools want their students to find jobs after graduation, and clinical sites want to find professionals who will thrive in their facility. It’s only natural that we would look for ways to streamline that process.”  ACEMAPP is a clinical education solution that is used by schools, clinical sites, and consortiums nationwide. Developed in response to scarce clinical rotations, ACEMAPP has since evolved to offer various tools and services intended to increase efficiency, improve communication and simplify the clinical education process. “We recognize that our clinical sites invest a great deal of time and resources into creating a positive clinical rotation experience for students. Because of that, we’re building ACEMAPP Careers to deliver extensive data to effectively track ROI,” said Gradowski. By adding recruitment opportunities to the clinical education process, employers will be able to pre-screen candidates who have already been through a clinical experience in ACEMAPP. Documents stored within ACEMAPP are never deleted, including transcripts, courses, immunization records, background checks, and more.  Additionally, students are able to share their clinical, educational and professional experience in a shareable ePortfolio. “We’re thrilled to be able to offer our Medical Opportunities members the chance to connect with a broader network of candidates and employers,” said Longwell Sadowski. “The best part though, is knowing that all of our users will have access to a platform that is more secure, easier to use and contains more features.” ACEMAPP Careers will launch as a service line of ACEMAPP in the summer of 2018 and will not affect regular use of ACEMAPP. Current users of Medical Opportunities will be redirected to the ACEMAPP website when the transition occurs.  Training opportunities will be available this summer for Medical Opportunities members to review changes and improvements to the system. The Michigan Health Council is a Michigan-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to creating a culture of health with health professionals at the heart of the delivery system. Their mission is to build health professional capacity by offering innovative products and services across six focus areas. Learn more about the Michigan Health Council at    ###
Simplified Menu for Managing Members` 04/12/2018 Managing your members has just gotten easier within the sub-menu on your dashboard.  Your dashboard has been condensed to a single "Members" button, rather than listing each type of member (student, faculty, observers, volunteers, staff, etc.) on your menu.  The Members button allows you to see Students/Faculty/Preceptors/Observer/Volunteers by Affiliation, Rotation, or Course.  Clicking your selection will take you directly to that table view.  From your Dashboard, click on the Members icon.  This table represents the table view by either Affiliation, Rotation, or Course. Click on the table you wish to view.  For example to see Students by Rotation, under the Rotation heading, click on the Student icon. This will open the corresponding table.  
Improving Website Accessibility` 02/20/2018 ACEMAPP is committed to creating a user-friendly experience for all. In an effort to make our website more accessible, we are making some minor changes to color and content. The changes will be gradual and should not interfere with your regular use of ACEMAPP. To turn accessibility mode on or off, navigate to your profile page, click on the “General” tab, and select “Yes” or “No” under “Accessibility Mode”. Be sure to click “Save” at the bottom of the page to finalize your decision.  
Faculty Document Manager` 02/11/2018 The Faculty Document Manager allows a faculty member assigned to a specific rotation the ability to approve or deny any requirement documents associated with that specific rotation.Why is this cool? Before the Document Manager, only the Clinical Administrator was the only one who could approve these documents. That’s a lot of work! We've expanded the role of a faculty so some of the onboarding processes could be shared.Why is this important? The Faculty member assigned to this rotation can now view, accept, or deny any required documents associated with this rotation. If you choose to turn this feature on, please make sure your faculty members are trained in what documents can be approved.
Student Course & Assessment Certificate` 02/08/2018 ACEMAPP offers a printable Certificate of Completion that is available for our ACEMAPP members (students, faculty, volunteers, etc.) who successfully complete their on-boarding courses and assessments. Members can add this certificate to their professional portfolio, and share it with employers. 
Clinical Encounter Case Log Management` 09/18/2017 Students can easily and quickly enter all clinical encounters via an integrated case-log and time-log management system. Utilizing the latest ICD & CPT codes from the American Medical Association (AMA), students are able to input and track patient demographics, diagnostic/procedural codes, competencies, skills, medications and clinical notes. ACEMAPP's customizable review system enables faculty, preceptors and school coordinators to review case logs as needed.  
Evaluations` 08/18/2017 ACEMAPP’s adaptive and flexible evaluation system allows for complete customization of the questions and delivery of evaluations, including the following: Flexibility to choose the evaluator and evaluatee Ability to connect evaluations to rotations, schools, sites, or other individuals Option to close the feedback loop Option to enable eSignatures Array of reporting tools and analytics to provide continuous insights
Surveys` 05/31/2017 Get the answers you need from students, faculty and preceptors. ACEMAPP offers an integrated survey system to deliver customized surveys to all members at a school, site and/or those attending a rotation. Create automated surveys that are assigned based on user type, graduation status, days before or after a rotation, and more. With advanced reporting features, ACEMAPP's survey system allows for deep data insights.  
ePortfolio` 05/18/2017 ACEMAPP offers an integrated ePortfolio to capture and document accomplishments and showcase skills and competencies to future employers.   In addition to customizable sections such as education and work experience, ACEMAPP allows users to automatically capture rotation, assessment and requirement history directly from their ACEMAPP account. Advanced privacy and sharing settings provide control over who can see what information. View user guide (may require login).