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In observation of Memorial Day, ACEMAPP support will be unavailable on Monday (May 30th). Please view the Help Desk for frequently asked questions or submit a support ticket.

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Managing administrators in your organizational account is easier and more secure than ever. The all new 'add an admin' feature allows you to verify your identity and access level by simply logging in. This way, when a new member joins your team, you need only enter their name, email, and the information they should have access to. From there, our team will create their account and help them to get started.
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**The Mentoring Project Now Available**

ACEMAPP now allows nursing students and professionals to engage in mentoring. Becoming a nursing mentor or mentee allows you to engage in professional development and virtually connect with a professional mentor or mentee.
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Schools and clinical sites work together throughout the clinical education process to ensure students are well prepared for their future careers in health care. Clinical rotations afford students the opportunity to not only see what a career is like in their desired field, but also to see what the work environment is like at a particular clinical site. Rotations also provide clinical sites with the opportunity to see which students may be a good fit for their organization.
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We’re pleased to introduce ACEMAPP’s lineup of products and services intended to streamline health care education, professional development, and recruitment. Each of our products allow you to leverage technology to improve organizational efficiency.
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Seamless collaboration is a top priority and function of ACEMAPP. We strive to help schools and clinical sites avoid duplication of work, while creating a collaborative space for the clinical education process.
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Streamline clinical encounter tracking and reporting with ACEMAPP! Students can record and submit detailed clinical encounters; including in-person, virtual, and simulation experiences. Information collected is customizable based on organizational needs. Collect patient demographics, skills, procedures, ICD codes, billing codes, time spent, assigned preceptor, and other pertinent information.
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Keeping track of partner information is an important part of the clinical education process. ACEMAPP’s partner directory allows you to keep a database of clinical site and preceptor information. You may also store affiliation agreements, notes, and other pertinent documents.
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Updates have been made to the member dashboard in order to make your experience in ACEMAPP as seamless as possible. Now, you can quickly access your various member homes, view outstanding requirements, and find helpful resources. Some of the resources you can see from your updated dashboard include the support center, library, applications, forums, inbox, upcoming events, and more.
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Working collaboratively online is more important than ever, which is why we’re pleased to introduce *ACEMAPP Forums*! View topics that interest you, read what other people are saying, or start a new thread of discussion.
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As coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to affect a growing number of people in the U.S. and around the world, many clinical sites have taken steps to protect students, including canceling scheduled rotations for the time being. As a result, our team would like to share safe new ways for students to participate in learning experiences. If you would like to share any opportunities, locally or nationwide, please [complete the form here](
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