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Working with all of your educational and clinical partners in ACEMAPP helps to improve efficiency and streamline the clinical education process. Below, we've outlined several ways that referring partners to use ACEMAPP benefits you and your organization.
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The COVID-19 pandemic has been difficult for many, in countless ways. One area that should not require added stress is managing your clinical education during the pandemic. Schools and clinical sites nationwide are reviewing what makes sense for their own organization, and ACEMAPP is here to help those who would like effective ways to manage the new obstacles they face...
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Your school’s ACEMAPP subscription covers not only your program, but all programs at your organization. Fellow programs will not have to pay an additional subscription fee and will even have the option for à la carte student rates if they are not using ACEMAPP to schedule clinical rotations.
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We wanted to take a moment to thank all of our members for their hard work, especially over the past year. Thank you for all of the time and energy you have invested in preparing, or becoming, the next generation of health care heroes.
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We recently updated the tags system in ACEMAPP to be more expansive for schools and clinical site users. In addition to tagging members by class, cohort, or any other pertinent features, members are now able to tag rotations, partnerships, and people/organizations in the partner directory. This update is intended to help improve organization of data and provide detailed reporting.
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Create and register for events directly in ACEMAPP using the all-new events system. Below, you'll find some of the major benefits of managing your events in ACEMAPP.
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Managing administrators in your organizational account is easier and more secure than ever. The all new 'add an admin' feature allows you to verify your identity and access level by simply logging in. This way, when a new member joins your team, you need only enter their name, email, and the information they should have access to. From there, our team will create their account and help them to get started.
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**The Mentoring Project Now Available**

ACEMAPP now allows nursing students and professionals to engage in mentoring. Becoming a nursing mentor or mentee allows you to engage in professional development and virtually connect with a professional mentor or mentee.
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Schools and clinical sites work together throughout the clinical education process to ensure students are well prepared for their future careers in health care. Clinical rotations afford students the opportunity to not only see what a career is like in their desired field, but also to see what the work environment is like at a particular clinical site. Rotations also provide clinical sites with the opportunity to see which students may be a good fit for their organization.
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We’re pleased to introduce ACEMAPP’s lineup of products and services intended to streamline health care education, professional development, and recruitment. Each of our products allow you to leverage technology to improve organizational efficiency.
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