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Updating your billing contact information helps to ensure your organization's invoices and other important documents are sent to the appropriate contact(s). Learn how to update this information in this helpful article.
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One of the many reasons our members use ACEMAPP is to collect important data in a secure environment. Collecting all of the information you need for regulatory compliance ensures your organization is well-prepared in times of audit. The ACEMAPP team has worked with countless partners to support them through the audit process, and we're here to help you collect and access any data you may need now or in the future.
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ACEMAPP's application feature allows schools and clinical sites to collect custom information from any member type. We especially recommend the application process for clinical sites interested in accepting applications for placements directly from students, volunteers, and observers and have outlined the benefits of this particular process...
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MHC Insight is a sister program of ACEMAPP at the Michigan Health Council. The purpose of MHC Insight is to research and report on critical issues facing Michigan’s health care workforce. Recently, MHC Insight produced a survey of 10 physician assistant programs in Michigan.
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We were thrilled to host our first-ever ACEMAPP Symposium on June 21, 2022. This virtual meeting convened nearly 300 members from all over the country. Our members joined us from schools and clinical sites from Michigan to Georgia, from Oregon to South Carolina, and beyond.
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Over the past decade, the ACEMAPP team has observed the growing need for collaboration between clinical education and recruitment. The all-new "communities" feature is the direct result of our research and development around this important topic.
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We're thrilled to be hosting the 2022 ACEMAPP Symposium, which will be held virtually on June 21, 2022, from 9am-3pm. This is our first-ever national meeting, which will convene school and clinical site members from across the country...
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An entity profile is simply the profile page for any ACEMAPP school or clinical site. All organizations have one, and each can be personalized to share information and images specific to your organization. We sometimes call entity profiles a "landing page" as it's where students 'land' to view all information relating to your school or site. For instructions on updating your entity profile, please visit
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In an effort to further enhance security, ACEMAPP now requires email verification. You must verify your email address as soon as possible. Starting January 1, 2022, we will no longer send important messages and reminders to members without verified email addresses. This includes system reminders as well as broadcast messages between you and your partners (schools, sites, students, faculty, etc.) in ACEMAPP.
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The ACEMAPP team recently collaborated with health care professionals to create an innovative new way for students and professionals to engage in mentoring online.
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