Leveraging ACEMAPP to Strengthen Partnerships and Improve Regional Efficiency

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Leveraging ACEMAPP to Strengthen Partnerships and Improve Regional Efficiency content

Leveraging ACEMAPP to Strengthen Partnerships and Improve Regional Efficiency

Working with all of your educational and clinical partners in ACEMAPP helps to improve efficiency and streamline the clinical education process. Below, we've outlined several ways that referring partners to use ACEMAPP benefits you and your organization.

Eliminate Redundancy
Rather than requiring students to log in to multiple platforms or follow different protocols for various organizations, ACEMAPP allows students to submit required information in a central location for member schools or clinical sites requiring the same information. ACEMAPP allows for capturing broader efficiencies of scale and standardization.

Build and Strengthen Partnerships
By inviting your school or clinical partners to become ACEMAPP members, you're also inviting them to collaborate with you online. ACEMAPP promotes systems-level solutions and collective action rather than disjointed and autonomous changes. Is also facilitates better and more valuable communication by promoting relationship building and reducing paperwork and logistics.

Reduce Costs
Using ACEMAPP for an entire area allows you and your partners to pay for a single membership, rather than subscribing to multiple clinical education platforms. And with ACEMAPP's extensive features, it's easy to offload additional platforms that you may use to track clinical encounters, manage mentoring, clinical ladders, recruit professionals, and more!

Identify Regional Trends
When ACEMAPP collects data from an entire region, it reveals trends in clinical education across disciplines. By recognizing these trends, ACEMAPP helps regions to identify potential issues and better utilize the clinical capacity in the area.

You can refer school or clinical partners who aren't ACEMAPP members yet directly from your account. For instructions on how to refer a partner in ACEMAPP, please visit acemapp.org/kb/390.