Preparing for Audits with ACEMAPP

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Preparing for Audits with ACEMAPP content

Preparing for Audits with ACEMAPP

One of the many reasons our members use ACEMAPP is to collect important data in a secure environment. Collecting all of the information you need for regulatory compliance ensures your organization is well-prepared in times of audit. The ACEMAPP team has worked with countless partners to support them through the audit process, and we're here to help you collect and access any data you may need now or in the future.

Collecting the Right Information
If your organization follows a specific audit process, be sure to review its guidelines to determine which kind of information may be asked for. Additionally, you may contact our team for guidance, and we can make recommendations based on our experience. For example, we often recommend tracking vaccination verifications and/or exemptions, faculty qualification information, clinical experience evaluations, and community benefit data, depending on your organization's unique needs. We also recommend collecting data for any individual whose compliance is required at your organization. This may include students, observers, volunteers, and any other non-employees to ensure comprehensive data.

How We Can Help
During the audit process, the information you’ve set up to begin collecting will be available in the reporting area of your member dashboard. Once information is in ACEMAPP, you can rest assured that the data is secure, up-to-date, and available whenever you may need it.

If you have any questions on how to export your data, run reports, or would simply like assistance with collecting information, please be sure to contact us at or 844-223-4292. Our team is ready to support you in any way you may need throughout the audit process.